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We'd love to hear from you. Please send us an email at We can answer emails in English and in French. If you are a teacher, please contact your school board liaison through your internal email system. The committee listing is found here.


For any judging inquiries prior to the fair, you can email our chief judges at Please note, our chief judges will only answer email pertaining to the judging process prior to the fair.


For any fundraising inquiries and opportunities, you can email our fundraising chair at


For photo requests, please access them through your WRSTEF account after the fair. Only project photos will be available.


Issues regarding the WRSTEF


You have ten (10) working days after the fair to discuss any issues regarding the fair. If your child has received the wrong award, we will gladly exchange it. The judges' marks are considered final and will not be appealed nor divulged. Feedback from judging groups are not compiled centrally and we cannot issue a duplicate copy if you have not received a form. We apologize if you haven't received one and this is an ongoing process marked for improvement. Please note that we are a second tier competition and payment of an entrance fee does not guarantee a medal.


We appreciate the collaboration of our teacher sponsors and principals, please do not involve them in any discussions regarding the WRSTSEF.


Send us an email at Our mailbox is monitored from October until the end of April.


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